Crabbutt New Members Contest

Please read through all of the following information. It's a lot, but it's important.

Yes, the long awaited Crabbutt New Members Contest is here ! Not that anyone was really waiting.

Anyway, the forever exclusive group is no longer exclusive for the time being !! We will be picking 2-4 new members for Crabbutt to help try and revive it !

What is Crabbutt?

"This is a land in which those who are worthy transcend and live in bliss

conquering monsters and dungeons reforging the very fibers of time and space but you see this is a sacred land made for the team, which already breaks the laws of teams i'm afraid to say that the distant past did not lead you here sooner so you can never fully understand the story that has already unfolded" ~Zod

Pretty much a PMD team with a group of friends' fursonas.

The Crabbutt Group includes :

⚫ Dungeon Forms !! Dungeons can be found here (an explanation is provided below)

-Please note, some dungeons have already been taken. We do not allow multiple dungeons.

⚫ Stylish Indigo Bandanas !! With crab pins on them -Let's face it who doesn't want one of those

⚫ Adventures for your sona to embark on !

⚫ A Pokemon Form that your sona can also switch into ! -E.G.: Zod can transform into Mudkip/Riolu (zodkip, zodilu)

About Dungeon Forms:

Dungeon forms are a Crabbutt Exclusive form much like mega evolution - Said character uses power from Time Gears to change their appearance and part of their pokemon form's type to the type that is affiliated with that dungeon !

Please note - Only the normal form of the sona can go into Dungeon Form - Not the Pokemon form !

Dungeon Forms Already Taken:

-Hidden Land (ZodiaDragon / TheZodiacDragon)

-Steam Cave (Texting Wolf / aIIegory)

-Midnight Forest (Whitefoot&Tigerstripe / FlameFireDragon)

-Shimmer Desert (LieutenantVelociraptor / LieutenantV)

How to Enter:

Fill out the Application form found here. DeviantArt account necessary.

⚫ Draw your Character and it's chosen Dungeon Form (choose a dungeon from the above link !)

⚫Write your Character's Personality and Traits in the description

⚫ Provide their Pokemon Form (Mudkip, Chikorita, Riolu, Cyndaquil, Skitty, Gible, and their evolutions are taken)

We are looking for well developed personalities and uniqueness of designs overall as well as knowledge of the games !! this is not "how good your art is" competition, it is the thought put into it !

note: bribery is an immediate disqualification and it must be OKed by both ZodiaDragon (TheZodiacDragon)and Texting Wolf (aIIegory).

if you have any questions please ask us !!!